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A selection of some of our clients


Chow Hill Logo

Chow:Hill was established in 1992. Has offices in Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and Tauranga. The company focuses on providing leadership in strategic planning, architecture, urban design, interior design and landscape architecture.

Chowhill web site



Trends Logo

Trends series of books and Trends Publishing. Trends Publishing continues to look for new ways to combine media forms and to create interesting and informative material for the home interest market.

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Producers and Wholesalers

Bloomz Logo

BLOOMZ is a leading New Zealand Floricultural company, specializing in Zantedeschia (coloured Calla Lilies), Sandersonia and other exotic species such as Phormium. Primarily orientated to the breeding & production of high health Tissue Culture, bulbs and tubers and have established relationships with wholesale customers and commercial growers all around the world.

Bloomz web site

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