The new home of Ltd

25th May 2019

What happened to

The website address (domain name) was taken by, or subsequently by, when, after the last registration lapsed on the 8th April 2019 then by the 14 May 2019, a company that seems to specialise in such oversights now believes that this name is worth US$3,195 a year when normally a registration for 1 year would be about US$20.

picture from depicting the price 
		for domain name. Ltd was registered as a company early in 2006 and had used the company website on and off ever since.

picture from depicting the 
	details for domain name.

Reader beware that there are companies patrolling the internet for such oversights hoping that the name is valuable enough to someone to make good money.

I congratulate the people who noticed this oversight and were careful to take the address as soon as it was legally available. Good luck to them if they make US$3,000.00 from it's sale. They want about 100 times more than I'd be willing to pay for it, and I'm probably about the only person who would actually want it.

To make this sort of business viable, I would guess that purchasing an average of about 80 addresses per month for every exhorbitant sale to make this activity financially viable. The odds are possibly quite a bit better than 1:80 sales to buys.

Kind regards, Gordon.